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Lite Cot / Black

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The Helinox Lite Cot packs a full 185 cm (6 foot) camp cot in just 1260 g (2.78 lbs). The Lite Cot features a custom DAC aluminum frame for great comfort and support, and self-locating shock cord technology for easy assembly. The Lite Cot can even be used with three supports for extreme weight-saving situations. Sleep well, anywhere, with the Helinox Lite Cot.

Cot leg is incompatible with the product. (Only available to use as low version.)

1200 g / 2.65 lbs (without case)
1075 g / 2.37 lbs (ultralight mode, three supports)
1260 g / 2.78 lbs (with case)

Cot Length: 185 cm / 72.8 in
Cot Width: 60 cm / 23.6 in
Cot Height: 13 cm / 5.1 in
Case: 53 cm W x 13 cm H / 20.9 in W x 5.1 in H

120 kg / 265 lbs





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