People who work in outdoor adventure are nature lovers - the Helinox team is no exception. It’s why they enjoy their work so much.

Enter the gates of the Helinox facility and you'll see the "love nature, care for nature" philosophy straight away. The main building is decorated with sculptures depicting the natural world. Technicians in the assembly department work in natural light filtered though a pond in the rooftop water garden. Office staff look out on beautiful gardens filled with art and sculptures.

The Helinox philosophy of caring for nature also extends to the processes used in creating outdoor adventure equipment.

“Green” Anodizing

The single biggest environmental issue for Helinox was anodizing the alloy components. Anodizing is a surface treatment process that helps prevent corrosion and improves appearance. Unfortunately it is traditionally a “dirty” process that involves the use of harmful acids. Helinox spent a great deal of time and effort to develop a unique “green anodizing” process for the advanced alloy TH72M. This unique process avoids acid use. Corrosion protection is improved and appearance is better.

This technological breakthrough has attracted international interest and might eventually help reduce industrial pollution generally. In the meantime, your choice of Helinox equipment with “green anodized” alloy TH72M is an environmentally responsible decision.